Posterior Cervical Fixation System

CastleLoc-S Posterior Cervical Screw System is a top-loading, simple, and secure system for posterior spinal fixation for the cervical and upper levels of the thoracic spine (C1 – T3). It offers surgeons true versatility with multiple types of screws and wide variety of accessories.

Another feature of the CastleLoc-S Posterior Cervical Screws is they are approved for use in either pedicle or lateral mass. Amongst the screw options, to ensure safe insertion into C1 and C2, partially threaded screws are available. Additionally, these screws have a total range of motion of 90° to give flexibility in construct design. CastleLoc-S Posterior Cervical Screw System contains the widest range of accessories available on the market to create patient-specific constructs for better correction.

Features & Benefits
  • Wide range of screw options including reduction screws and partially threaded screws
  • Complete posterior cervical fixation system that includes transitional rod for easy cervical to thoracic positioning
  • Easy to use, streamlined instrumentation system
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