Our Philosophy
We are looking individuals who constantly drive change and innovation to actively create a better quality of life.
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Our Teams
  • R&D
    Research to create new products and the development of medical devices through market analysis.
  • Sales & Marketing
    Sales :
    Establish domestic and overseas sales strategies that meet corporate business goals, customer management and support.
    Marketing :
    Customer relations, analysis of market environment, coordination of new product launches, development of global networks.
  • Production
    Production Management :
    Manage and develop efficient production plan through improvement of process, equipment, and resource management.
    Quality Management :
    Strengthen quality control service. Improve quality standards of raw materials and finished products.
    SCM :
    Systematic logistics management strategy to control supply chain.
  • Management
    Legal affairs :
    Compliance support to protect business profits
    Finance :
    Accounting and funding management
    HR :
    Recruiting, employee education, performance evaluation and manage reward program
    General Affairs :
    In-house facility management for efficient work environment
Sales & Marketing